Bindiya Rana

Pakistani Transgender Activist

Bindiya Rana is the founding member of the Gender Interactive Alliance (GIA) and a pioneer transgender activist in the history of Pakistan. She has been working for the rights of transgender people in Pakistan since 2002. She is a petitioner for transgender rights activism in the Supreme Court of Pakistan and has been appointed as the focal person for the Khawaja Sira community. She was recently selected as a provincial member of a committee established by the National Human Rights Commission for the implementation of a transgender protection bill. In the field of activism, Bindiya has developed strong allies with government departments such as the Social Welfare department, Human Rights Ministry, and Ministry of Justice. Her organization, GIA is also the part of Trans Registration Monitoring Committee advocating for the trans protection Act of 2018. Bindiya advocates for transgender communities beyond Karachi such as the underprivileged Hijra community by empowering them to speak up for their rights.

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