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Mar 8, 2019

International Women’s Day Celebration

Come dance and celebrate with independent women of diverse backgrounds. AMWEC is empowering women at the frontlines by let our voices to be heard and strengthen our control over our own lives and futures. Speakers include Nisi Jacobs (founder of, Dr. Sadia Khan, Alexa Stone, and Leila Bedad.

January 2019

AMWEC Leaders Join Olive Tree Mission to Jerusalem

AMWEC leaders Anila Ali and Aisha Bajwa joined an Olive Tree Initiative multifaith mission to Jerusalem. The purpose of the trip was to help leaders better understand, negotiate and resolve conflict. The Olive Tree Initiative is one of AMWEC’s programming partners.

December 2018

Christmas Toy Drive for Needy Children

Every December, AMWEC mobilizes our members to help bring smiles to fortunate children in the community. In the spirit of interfaith sisterhood with our Christian neighbors, we collect toys for needy families and teach our own children the value of thankfulness, empathy and charitable giving.

Aug 31, 2018

AMWEC Featured in Ha’aretz Report on Muslim-Jewish Relations

A recent Ha’aretz article (“U.S. Muslims Increasingly Harassed for Working With Jewish Groups, Activists Say”) features AMWEC’s interfaith work with Hillel chapters on college campuses. AMWEC President Anila Ali is quoted about anti-Semitism and withstanding pressure from parts of the community to cut off dialogue: “Luckily I was working with a lot of Pakistani students who said ‘No, interfaith work cannot stop.’”

Aug 4, 2018

Hajj Eid Mela: International Women’s Bazar

At the Sheraton Cerritos, AMWEC is hosting a community bazaar featuring artists and Artisans from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, India, and beyond. The event focuses on empowering women-led Businesses and creating networking opportunities for members of the community.

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