Religious Freedom is a Human Right

February 1, 2023

On the 31st of January 2023, the third International Religious Freedom IRF Summit began with an in-person IRF Roundtable at Dirksen Senate building at Capitol Hill, Washington DC, where hundreds of delegates, faith leaders, and activists gathered from around the world to open dialogue over a fundamental human right: the freedom of religion. 

IRF Roundtable Chair for Pakistan and Founder of AMMWEC (American Muslim and Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council), Anila Ali, led the Pakistani delegation to highlight the progress and issues faced by minorities in Pakistan how religious freedom would alleviate injustices and strengthen Pakistan’s democracy and economy. 

The Pakistani delegation was well received and got an opportunity to share their insights on how to strengthen Pakistani women and minorities. The delegation consisted of Professor Seemab Asif, a Christian minority women’s empowerment leader, Huma Adnan, social entrepreneur and minority rights activist, Mohammad Kashif Mirza, human rights activist for persecuted people, and Parishae Adnan, a women’s empowerment and sustainability activist. Mr. Adam Reingold, an advocate for education for Pakistani children who recently joined the Pakistan Roundtable, also reiterated his commitment to education and youth empowerment in Pakistan. Young Parishae Adnan, in her speech, said” There is a strong statistical correlation between religious freedom, women’s rights, economic growth, and democracy.” 

The delegation attended the informative sessions at the Summit and met with other groups from around the world. The delegation met with Katrina Lantos, actor Penn Badgley, basketball player Enus Freedom, and boxer Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Maryum Ali. 

While the delegation returns to Pakistan, Anila Ali will be attending the National Prayer Breakfast and joining President Biden and a number of religious leaders, and dignitaries from around the world.

For more information contact: Anila Ali at +1 202-600-5186