AMMWEC Programs

American Muslims March against Violent Extremism

After brutal terror attacks by extremists in Pakistan and France in 2015, AMMWEC leaders launched a Facebook group to unite Muslim Americans in outrage. Over 20,000 people soon joined. From that initial burst, AMMWEC has developed an ongoing program to empower Muslim women to be at the forefront of extremism prevention in local communities. Efforts include conferences with members of Congress, briefings at the White House, and engagement with national law enforcement.

Women in Need Informal Community Helpline

In response to requests for assistance from women in need in Orange County, AMMWEC members volunteer assistance in emergency cases. These include survivors of domestic violence, hate crimes, and workplace discrimination. Assistance is provided confidentially to our community to ensure the safety of all. The confidential helpline can be reached at +1-202-600-5186 or via the Contact link at the top of this page.

Law Enforcement Internships for Emerging Leaders

AMMWEC launched America’s first internship program to help young Muslim women engage law enforcement agencies and start careers in law enforcement. The program was launched as a response to extremist voices trying to alienate young American Muslims from our nation’s protectors. To counter such divisive messages, AMMWEC regularly engages local and national law enforcement and has placed numerous interns. One graduate of the program has even joined the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Women’s Career Mentorship

Many women in our community aspire to be successful in education, medicine, business and other professional sectors – yet are often held back by a lack of mentors to help show the way. To meet this need, AMMWEC matches rising young Muslim women with veteran female mentors from diverse industries to develop leadership skills, build confidence, and propel career advancement. AMMWEC has supported over 100 women in its mentorship program, partnering with its affiliated network of mosques and community associations.

Annual Women’s Leadership Conference

Since its inaugural conference in 2009, AMMWEC has organized an annual gathering bringing together hundreds of women to discuss how we can lead on issues facing our community and our country. Presenters include members of Congress, policy experts, and ordinary women doing extraordinary things. Attendees are encouraged to discover their own potential and transform their vision into action.

Women-Led Interfaith Encounters

Our interfaith work aims to transcend political and sectarian fault lines that too often create barriers to connection. To build bridges with all of our neighbors, AMMWEC leads interfaith programming with Bahais, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, and beyond – and unites Muslims of different sects. AMMWEC hosts an annual multifaith Ramadan iftar; organizers intercultural bazaars celebrating cultural heritage from around the world; and holds an annual Christmas toy drive to help needy children in our community have a happier holiday.

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