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OCTOBER 20, 2021

FBI & Hate Crimes Prevention

What is a hate crime and how is it defined legally? How is it different from a hate incident? How can you report a crime? What statistics are available to the public and what does the FBI do to counter this issue? For answers to these questions, join us on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20TH at 3PM ET.

AMMWEC and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are joining forces for an information session about hate crimes and civil rights. In recent months we have witnessed a rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans. In previous years, American Muslims and Jews were the victims of Islamophobia and antisemitism. To prevent other groups from getting targeted in the future, it is important to stay informed. Join us in the fight against hate!

The event will be held on Microsoft Teams, so sign up HERE to receive your link.


SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

Healing Memories with Faith: September 11 Twenty Years Later

Join a panel discussion with AMMWEC President, Anila Ali and other faith leaders at the Ansari Institute.  Twenty years after 9/11, hear how they have empowered their communities to understand the past, process powerful emotions, and reject the simplified narratives that have too often informed the public conversation. Learn how faith has the power to heal memories and forge new paths—paths that promote human dignity and flourishing.

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AUGUST 12, 2021

Women Lead: Women Changemakers and Peacemakers

AMMWEC in partnership with the National ACE held the Women Lead: Women Changemakers and Peacemakers Summit on August 12, 2021. We spotlighted women leaders from different backgrounds who have made a difference in the world through their philanthropy, activism, writing, or scholarship. Our speakers spoke from the heart and shared their stories, experiences, passions, and inspirations.

If you missed our event, you can watch it on YouTube or Facebook.

JULY 5, 2021

Religious Freedom & Interfaith Harmony Conference 2021

AMMWEC in collaboration with the Interfaith Commission for Peace & Harmony (ICPH) organized the first-ever Religious Freedom & Interfaith Harmony Conference in Karachi, Pakistan. We were joined by various minority religious leaders as well as Consul Generals from the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

MAY 31, 2021

Interfaith Asian Youth Discuss Hate

Asian youth came together to celebrate the diversity of Asian heritage and to discuss the bigotry and discrimination the Asian-American community has been facing the past year. Students shared their personal experiences and discussed ways young people can take action to combat racism and hate in all its forms.

If you missed our webinar, you can watch it HERE

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