“Women Leaders Nurturing a Better Future”

Muslim Americans deserve outstanding community leadership that celebrates our rich spiritual & cultural heritage and strengthens our core values of tolerance & personal responsibility. As maternal pillars of the community, American Muslim women have a uniquely powerful leadership responsibility.

We Respect Ourselves: Because we respect ourselves, responsible Muslim American women uphold high standards of ethical conduct. We expect to be treated decently by our neighbors and colleagues – and we extend the same decency in return. We do not blame others before looking in the mirror. We reject victimhood – and we embrace empowerment.

We Face Reality Honestly: Responsible Muslim American women face reality honestly: We have so much to be proud of in our faith tradition and yet much to be concerned about in our global community. Our founding prophet brought a dynamic message of overcoming stagnation and ignorance, but today many invoke his name to repress, regress, and radicalize.

We Stand for Truth: We cannot sit by silently or passively. We enjoy the freedom to stand for justice, even in the face of intimidation. We must confront bigotry, both when it comes from our neighbors and when it comes from within our own community. And we cannot let shame prevent us from being brave enough to speak the truth.

We Bring Americans Together: Muslim American women can lead a new movement for empowerment and tolerance – one that will inspire the support of fellow Americans of all faiths, races, and genders. By taking responsible action, we can bring Americans together in a spirit of honest dialogue and real change.

Together we can uphold the legacy of our beautiful faith and build the future all Americans deserve.