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MAY 1, 2023

AMMWEC honored with an invitation to the White House Iftar party

AMMWEC was honored with an invitation to the White House Iftar party. The event was attended by Anila Ali who was joined by Safi Kaskas, and Imam Talib Shareef.

MARCH 30, 2023

AMMWEC celebrates a Muslim-Jewish Interfaith Iftar

AMMWEC, in collaboration with Synagogue B’nai Tzedek in Maryland, Masjod Muhammad celebrated a Muslim-Jewish Iftar, fostering unity by breaking bread and building bridges among diverse faith communities. Iftar, the traditional evening meal marking the end of daily fasting during the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims, provided a meaningful backdrop. In the face of global hatred, this event served as a platform to honor shared values, strengthen interfaith relationships, and create lasting bridges between diverse communities. The event was attended by Imam Talib Shareef, The White House Muslim Liasion, Moshtayeen Ahmed.

JANUARY 7, 2023

AMMWEC organizes a Religious Freedom Roundtable

AMMWEC organized a Religious Freedom Roundtable in Karachi, Pakistan, addressing the concerning rise in religiously motivated violence. Members of religious minorities and marginalized communities came together to discuss the threats and formulate recommendations to curb the violence. The Interfaith Religious Freedom Roundtable for Pakistan served as a gathering for NGOs and individuals from diverse faiths and non-faith backgrounds working towards freedom of religion or belief.

The event was attended by the American Deputy Consul General and the U.S. Political and Human Rights Officer, Michelle Gibbs.


AMMWEC Participates at the International Religious Freedom Summit

For a second consecutive year, AMMWEC was proud to actively participate in the International Religious Freedom (IRF) Summit. President of AMMWEC, Anila Ali joined a panel discussion where she presented updates and outcomes of the IRF Roundtables held in Pakistan throughout 2022.

During the Summit, AMMWEC led a Pakistani delegation to highlight progress and issues faced by minorities in Pakistan and also how religious freedom would alleviate injustices and strengthen Pakistan’s democracy and economy. The delegates shared their insights on how to strengthen Pakistani women and minorities. The delegation consisted of Professor Seemab Asif, a Christian minority women’s empowerment leader, Huma Adnan, social entrepreneur and minority rights activist, Mohammad Kashif Mirza, human rights activist for persecuted people, and Parishae Adnan, a women’s empowerment and sustainability activist.

MARCH 30, 2023

Muslim-Jewish Iftar

We invite you to join us on March 30th for a Muslim-Jewish Iftar to break bread and build bridges with diverse faith communities. Iftar is the traditional evening meal where Muslims end their daily fast during the holy month of Ramadan. This important event is an excellent opportunity to come together with people of different faiths and backgrounds to celebrate in the spirit of peace and unity.

In light of the hatred worldwide, this event serves as a platform to honor our shared values, strengthen our interfaith relationships, and create lasting bridges between different communities. Join us on March 30th at Synagogue B’nai Tzedek in Maryland and be part of creating a more harmonious world.

Stay tuned for more event details!

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