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Shine A Light AMMWEC International

December 29, 2022

ShineALight Karachi : Ammwec on the night of Hanukka along with Anila and other FAITH leaders joined the campaign of ShineAlight and Antisemitism at Frere Hall, Karachi, and lit the candles of Manora, where Pastor Amjad prayed for all. There were people of all faiths portraying that everyone can co-exist with each other with mutual respect in peace and harmony.

ShineALight Lahore: Ammwec and Zain Malik unite to wish Jewish people a happy and blessed Hanukkah. Young people from across Lahore gathered to light a candle to pledge to eradicate hate and anti-Semitism from the world.  “Love and peace will come when the light of the Hanukkah candle shines in all our hearts,” “Pakistani people are warm, welcoming, & loving,” said Anila Ali. Thanks to Zain Malik for organizing the event and building peace between the Abrahamic faiths.

ShineALight Peshawar: For the very first time, on this Hanukka, We have lit the candles of Manora and #shinealight on Antisemitism because we strongly stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters. These pictures are proof of love, peace, and harmony among us all. Faith leaders have come together and enthusiastically lit the candles. 

ShineALight Boston, ShineALight Atlanta: We are children of one race and we should all shine a light to dispel the darkness in the world. 

Sindh Christmas celebration: Anila Ali, president Ammwec, and IRF Roundtable Pakistan chair joined the Christian community in Karachi to celebrate Christmas. Joining her was Sindh Education Additional Secretary Dr. Azad Samejo.  “I was honored to present gifts to children with Allama Ahsan Siddiqui. Seeing the patriotism and enthusiasm for Christmas celebrations by the faith leaders from the Hindu and Sikh Communities was endearing.  I can never forget the values taught to me by my Christian educators at St. Joseph’s Convent.”

ShineALight Johns Hopkins University


December 29, 2022
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